VR in Pigeon Forge

Escape Reality. Enter the Game.

Buckle up! Virtual reality (VR) gaming is here to blow the roof off traditional gaming.

Space Race Adventures is your premier destination for cutting-edge VR experiences in Pigeon Forge. With superior technology and a wide range of captivating games for players of all ages, you’ll be transported to a new world where everything from deep sea diving to swashbuckling on a pirate ship is possible.

Are you ready to experience the best VR Pigeon Forge has to offer? You’ll find it at Space Race Adventures.

What Is VR?

VR gaming allows you to enter a completely simulated world through a special headset and controllers.

It offers an ultra-immersive experience that goes beyond just looking at a screen. When you move your head or hands in real life, your character in the game does the same, creating a scenario that feels much more real than traditional gaming!

Our Games

Don’t just play a game. Become part of the action.

At Space Race Adventures, we offer a wide range of VR games for our guests to choose from. Whether you want to play alone or with your whole crew, we’ve got plenty of options. 

Check out our current selection below:

Carni Chaos (2-6 players, 10 minutes) 

Team up with up to 6 friends in Carni Chaos and blast your way to the top of the leaderboard!  Each round brings a fresh arsenal of weapons to unleash as you fight off a slew of extraterrestrial invaders. Claim your victory and reign supreme in this action-packed VR adventure!

S.W.A.T Extraction (2-6 players, 10 minutes)

In S.W.A.T. Extraction, you and up to 6 other players can become members of the Megaverse S.W.A.T. team. Throughout this intense VR gaming experience, you and your team will experience a gripping hostage extraction simulation and test your ability to stay cool under pressure.

Undersea Adventure (1-6 players, 10 minutes) 

Become an underwater explorer in this magical VR adventure. Journey through sparkling coral reefs, meet playful dolphins and fascinating fish, and unearth dazzling treasures. With eye-popping graphics, super fun gameplay, and cool facts about the ocean delivered throughout, this game is perfect for curious players of all ages. Dive in and discover the secrets of the sea!

VR Pricing

At Space Race Adventures, we pride ourselves on offering fair and affordable prices for all our experiences, including VR in Pigeon Forge. Here’s a breakdown of our VR pricing:

  • 1 game: $17 per user
  • 2 games: $25 per user
  • 3 games: $30 per user
  • 4 games: $35 per user 

Want to combine VR gaming with our other exciting attractions? No problem! Check out our package deals to save money and experience all that Space Race Adventures has to offer!

Space Race Adventures: Your Go-To VR Gaming Spot

If you’re looking for the best VR in Pigeon Forge, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Space Race Adventures. With our wide range of games, state-of-the-art equipment, and friendly staff, we are committed to providing an out-of-this-world experience to players of all ages. 

When you’ve had your fill of VR gaming (which can take a while), we have plenty of other attractions for you to check out. There’s something for everyone here, whether you prefer to practice your putt with a casual game of mini golf or want to zip around the track on a go-kart!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Check out our FAQs below:

What Should I Wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. You don’t have to bring any special gear to experience the fun of VR in Pigeon Forge, though — we provide everything you need!

Will I Get Motion Sick?

While we can’t guarantee that you won’t experience motion sickness during our games, we’ve found that most of our guests feel just fine during and after. We use advanced VR technology designed to minimize motion sickness and ensure every player has a positive experience!

How Many People Can Play at Once?

Most of our games allow between 2 and 6 players, with the exception of Murray’s Getaway, which is a single-player game.

How Long Do the Games Last?

Most of our games last 10-15 minutes!

Experience VR in Pigeon Forge Today

Are you ready for the best VR in Pigeon Forge? Space Race Adventures has got you covered. 

If this is your first time diving into the VR pool or you’re a seasoned pro, we guarantee you’ll have a great time. Join us today for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Want more info? Get in touch!

Reach us by phone at (865) 832-9125 or shoot us an email at info@spaceraceadventures.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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